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صبا قمر اپنی والدہ کے ساتھ اسپتال میں گئیں

Saba Qamar is one of the best talents of Pakistan. She has made Pakistan proud on every platform she has represented her country. At the same time, Saba Qamar is a very good daughter and has always loved her family and been a pillar for them being the strong woman she is. It was a hard time for Saba Qamar as her mother is unwell and has been hospitalized. Saba, however, is still stronger than ever and is smiling to make her mother feel better and recover quickly.

Saba Qamar With her mother in Hospital

Saba sure has some great friends in the industry too. Her friends and actresses Uzma Khan and Kiran Haq were also there and were the rocks for Saba Qamar. Saba shared some pictures with her mom and we pray that she gets better quicker than ever.

We wish Saba Qamar’s mom a speedy recovery. May she gets well soon and always be there with her daughter.

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