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یاسر حسین کے ساتھ اقرا عزیز کی خوبصورت تصاویر فیس بک پر وائرل

Iqra Aziz Super Star of the Pakistani Drama Industry currently takes a break from Showbiz Industry due to the Birth of her 1st baby. Iqra Aziz’s latest Drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat is still trending but it is on the last stage. Iqra Aziz working on every project in a passionate and mature way.

She is only 23 years old The youngest mother in Showbiz World her husband Yasir Hussain also a Good Actor and Host but not famous like her wife. Iqra Aziz belongs to a very simple family which has no Showbiz Background lets look at some Adorable pictures of Iqra Aziz before becomes a Mother.

She has a place with the Sindhi family to Abdul Aziz and Aasiya Aziz. She has a spot with a gathering of 3 — her mother, herself and her senior sister Sidra Aziz. She lost her father at a young age and was raised by her mother. She referred to in interviews about her mother’s fights being a singular parent.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are viewed as the best couple in the Pakistani show industry. Only a couple days prior, their first youngster was brought into the world at their home. Both Iqra and Yasir are as of now occupied with their youngster. Furthermore, at the time of just 23, Iqra turned into a mother.

Iqra ventured into the media world and started her profession in 2014 with a dramatization sequential ‘kissay apna kahain’ in which she included as the supporting person however this job gave a colossal ascent to her vocation and made her more perceived among makers and chiefs.

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