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پاکستانی شوبز ستاروں کےایک جیسےکپڑے

Showbiz Industry hahe many Pakistani actresses who are very fashionable and choose branded clothes even in a normal routine. Because these some actresses have no shortage of money and much amount in bank. And if a opponent actress wears that suit, the other actress don’t wears it.Pakistani actresses modestly look very attractive by wearing eastern clothes. Because only few people in our country like to have western clothes. But here we are going to let you know one thing that there are some Pakistani actresses who always choose to wear bold clothes. Like Sony Hussyn, Hania Aamir, Armeena Khan, and Ushna Shah, etc.

Actress Eshal Fayyaz recently joined Nada Yasir’s show “Shaan Sehwar”. When Nada asked him about the rumors circulating about his and Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s marriage, Ashley replied, “Allah knows who spread the rumors of my and Khalil-ur-Rehman’s marriage. I have no idea.”“When the rumors of my and Khalil-ur-Rehman’s marriage spread, I was scared and I was sitting alone in my room crying, but my mother explained to me that sitting in fear will not do anything. Go in front of people and explain which Later in the interview I called all these rumors false.

Khobro actress Mahnoor Baloch shared her new photos on Instagram, which were much liked by the fans. In these photos, Mahnoor Baloch still looks handsome and young despite seeing fifty springs.In these pictures, there is an interesting phrase on Mahnoor Baloch’s T-shirt, ‘Make muscles, not problems’.While fans are praising Mahnoor Baloch after seeing her pictures, some users are asking the actress the secret of her beauty.

Actress and host Nadia Khan’s husband Faisal Mumtaz has revealed that the actress had set two conditions for marriage and with great difficulty they met these conditions together.Faisal Mumtaz and Nadia Khan confirmed the marriage on January 2, 2021, while sharing the wedding photos the very next day, and later on January 10, they also shared photos and videos of the wedding ceremony.

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