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اس طرح سے سجل اولی اور احد رضا میر ہمارے لئے ایک اہم جوڑے کے مقاصد بن گئے

As all of us recognize by way of now, every other on-screen lovable and infamous couple from the Pakistani drama industry ahad and sajal just announced their engagement this Eid and fanatics can’t preserve calm approximately it. It’s a piece of extraordinary news for absolutely everyone, of course. The couple has been amazing our hearts with their performing and great chemistry in numerous dramas. Yaqeen ka safar duo has constantly shared a totally adorable bond and the spark among them became not only seen in dramas on my own but in real existence too. We’re going to talk approximately the several times this couple gave us foremost couple goals.

This couple did a bridal photograph shoot for diva mag, wearing designer clothes from united states of America by way of uzma baber and left us all marvel-struck. Both sajal and ahad had been looking breathtaking inside the bridal shoot and have been slaying the newlywed look whistles. What’s more excellent is that ahad published his fiance’s photo on instagram and wrote: ‘much like how i’m admiring her on this photograph, permit’s all take a 2nd to comprehend how stunning sajal is.’ i suggest, can they be any extra romantic?

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