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ایمن ، منل اور سارہ فلانٹ ٹرینڈی پرل کی بالیاں وائرل ہوگئیں

Here are three stars that have carried the stud earrings really well.Aiman Khan pairs up this stud set with an off-white shalwar kameez. The earrings compliment the dress well and the colors beautifully fit together, Although, for some, it might be hard to style these long earrings with floral shalwar kameez but Aiman does it with ease.

Sabaat actress, Sarah Khan wears white pearl and stud earrings with a printed white shirt and multi-colored dupatta. She looks effortlessly stylish in this whole look and the mute lipstick shade turns out to be the cherry on top.

Minal Khan makes heads turn with her upbeat western looks but this time the starlet rocked in eastern too. Minal wore the earrings with an embellished blue and pink jora. We have to admit that this is our favorite look!After looking at all these amazing looks, who wouldn’t want to buy these earrings. Well, we know you might be eager to get your hands on these but we’ll probably have to break your heart because this pair is sold out! Although it is available for just Rs 1600 but after a surge in demand, the pair is temporarily not available. For now, all we can do is patiently wait!

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