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ہنی مون کے سفر پر سارہ خان اور فلک شبیر

Sarah Khan is the most trendy and loving actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry her husband Falak Shabbir also the good singer Sarah Khan becomes more fit day by day She has a huge difference within 3 years now she looking much smarter. Sarah Khan Husband also grooms his personality after the wedding with Legend Sarah Khan.Sarah Khan is one of a nicest actresses who almost wore the proper dresses and working within her limits. She is not involved in any controversy. 28 years old Sarah Khan born in Madina the most blessed place in the world. Almost 1 year gone the wedding of Sarah and Falak and They do not arrange a honeymoon plan due to busy schedule Now They are officially on Honeymoon. See some adorable Pictures of Sarah khan and Falak Shabbir at Honeymoon.

Sarah Khan has shown up in Turkey to commend her special night get-aways following nine months of marriage with her significant other Falak Shabir. Also, she shared some delightful photographs from Turkey with her fans while praising occasions. What’s more, on this event, Sarah has additionally put a gold pendant named Falak Ki Dulhan around her neck. Surely these two mates love one another. So we should see the new pictures of Sarah Khan praising wedding trip get-aways with her better half.

The most anticipated wedding for quite a while was the wedding of entertainer Sarah Khan. However, the anticipation was delivered in July 2020 when she enlightened to media regarding her wedding with sinter Falak Shabir. Presently she is named Sarah Falak. Falak Shabir is additionally a notable vocalist in the Pakistan singing industry. This has been the most loved wedding of Pakistani big names in 2020.

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