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شائستہ لودھی کا تیسرا شوہر اصل میں ان کا سگا کزن بھی میں دونوں میاں بیوی کی بچوں کے ساتھ فیملی تصاویر

Shaista Lodhi the senior and most trendy host, as well as actress Shaista, start her morning show on ARY but due to some problems her show was banned and then She moves to Again in Medical Field because She also a Dermatologist by profession and mostly working on Skin Surgery of Different Patient.Shaista Lodhi brother Sahir Lodhi 53 years old but still look like a very fit and healthy man who also hosts Show on TV One. Shaista’s 3rd husband is very polite and caring and they both are live together with the Family the daughter and Son of Shaista Lodhi Check some Romantic clicks of Shaista Lodhi looking Adorable.

Shaista began her profession venture from radio and went to the television have. Her first Television program was “Murmur Aur Aap Barah-e Rast” where the show got achievement. She began the facilitating of ARY Computerized morning show “Great Morning Pakistan”. Later on, she left the work and toward the finish of September 2010, she joined GEO television where she facilitated a morning show named “Utho Jago Pakistan” simultaneously.

Shaista Lodhi is at present seen featuring inverse Sarmad Khoosat in ARY Advanced’s show sequential “Pardes”. Individuals are a lot of preferring her exhibition in this show as she is seen working in another Pakistani dramatization numerous years after the fact. Aside from acting, Shaista additionally runs her own center in various pieces of Karachi.

Shaista Lodhi is a specialist by calling on a similar time she functions as a host and entertainer in showbiz industry. She is sister of well known host and entertainer Sahir Lodhi. The two of them are very acclaimed and Sahir has worked in Lollywood as well.

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