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وہ شوبز ستارے جن کے والدین کو بہت محنت کرنا پڑی

Someone’s mother had to drive a school van, so someone picked up the cable. Learn the weeping stories of some of the most popular actors in the showbiz industry,. successful person in the world reaches the destination by seeing many difficulties and ups and downs. Some moments in this ups and downs are so bitter that no one can even think.There have been similar ups and downs in the lives of famous actors, we will tell you about them today.

Ayesha Omar:

Famous actress Ayesha Omar is known for her program bubbles. By the way, she has also appeared in Pakistani films. Ayesha Omar’s father died when she was one and a half years old. The death of her father had come as a great shock to this family.Since Ayesha’s father was a partner in a construction company, when the father died, the family was divided, but Ayesha’s mother was not given a single rupee, neither a car nor a roof over her head.Then Ayesha’s father-in-law called her to Lahore. Where Ayesha’s father started teaching in a school while at the same time she also drove a school van and gave tuition. The housework was done by Ayesha and her brother Kurt and the children’s mother was an Indian. While recalling her past, Ayesha became depressed, saying, “I was very scared of men, because as we grew up, my mother strictly forbade me to talk to any non-men.”

Iqra Aziz, an actress of Pakistani dramas, is also considered an attractive actress among the audience all over Pakistan including fans.But very few people know that the father of the actress died at the young age of Iqra, whose mother, Iqra, everyone was shocked, so the departure of the father in many ways Iqra and mother Was annoying for,But the mother did not give up and preferred to work hard. Iqra’s mother, Asiya Aziz, started her career as a driver in an online taxi cream, where she worked hard to earn a living while her children studied. Similarly, Iqra had completed his bachelors. Readers become depressed by remembering these moments.

Famous actor Furqan Qureshi has seen some moments in his life that he gets depressed by remembering. “My father was 20 years old at the time of my father’s death and my sisters were older than me,” he said in an interview.My father had only Rs 1,200 in his account, while at that time I used to go everywhere and come back with my CV. My sister’s salary was 30,000, of which 26,000 rupees was the rent,She used to pay rent for a year. While I got a job at a private channel but to pick up the wires, I cried while working on what I was doing. Furqan said that life was very difficult, thank God, my sisters have a hand in my success. He also said that God does not make anyone poorer than the rich.

Actress Hina Dilpazir, who is seen playing important roles in comedy dramas today, has also seen the ups and downs of life up close.The actress’ husband had divorced her in anger, she couldn’t even imagine how three words could change my life.After the divorce, Hina decided to take a job to raise her son and then entered the world of acting.

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