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اپنی بیوی کی خدمت کرنا کوئی بری بات نہیں شہروز سبزواری

Actress Sadaf Kanwal along with her husband Shahrooz Sabzwari came to Ahsan Khan’s program and they gave answers to various questions there, in which Ahsan talked about their marriage and first meeting. The question was also considered, to which Shahrooz, while giving a clear answer to the critics, said:I clean my wife’s shoes, I cleaned the shoes she wore today, she lives like a lot of friends with Noor Sadaf Is training her well. Sadaf thinks that whether we are actors or models, but in matters of personal life, a person should follow the same way of thinking as he does in society.

If the husband cleans his wife’s shoes or helps her, there is nothing wrong with that. Before leaving Karachi, Noor hugged Sadaf for 15 minutes and said, “I’m leaving now. Their friendship is very good.” No one can touch the oyster’s make-up, it can only apply light. ”

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