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اروسا بلال کی اپنے شوہر کے ساتھ خوبصورت تصویر فیس بک پر وائرل

Bilal and Uroosa is one of the most trendy couple of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. They also maintain a YouTube channel for their tours. They both also active in Instagram and post on daily basis.Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi are one of those couples who have extraordinary science. The adoration fowls are commending their fifth wedding commemoration. He clarified what wedded life is and stated, “Marriage is totally a give and take connection. Give Regard Acquire Regard. Give Adore and Get Love. The basic hypothesis of a Cheerful and Effective Wedded Life.”Bilal Qureshi made his acting presentation in a telefilm named ‘Nanha sa dil’. Starting now and into the foreseeable future he has acted in different television consecutive in both driving and supporting positions similarly as a hint of showing. He has worked on an enormous combination of channels from Geo television and Murmur television to ARY, express redirection and PTV home.

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