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پاکستان شوبز ستارے جڑواں بچوں کے ساتھ

Every parent thinks a lot before naming their children because they have to be called by these names for the rest of their lives and when it comes to twin names, showbiz personalities are no less than anyone.Showbiz stars also have very good and lovely names for their children. If you also have twins, find out and take advantage of these names!

1: ٭ Saba Faisal’s twin sons:
Actress Saba Faisal has twin sons and their names are “Hamad and Faraz”. Both of them have won the hearts of the people by their excellent performances. Let’s also know the meaning of their name.The meanings of Hammad are:
Very appreciative This is an Arabic name. People with this name have a simple temperament.Meaning of Faraz:
Spacious, high, lofty, enlightening. This is also an Arabic name. People with this name are less talkative and cheerful.

2 ٭ Daughters of Adnan Shah:
Actor Adnan Shah has two twin daughters and their names are Mant and Roshni.The meanings of the Manat are:
Desire, the interpretation of dreams, the ability to get whatever you want. This is an Arabic name that is also very popular in Turkey.

Meaning of Roshni:
A ray of light, which attracts people with its personality. This is the name of Urdu but Hindus also like to keep this name.

3 ٭ Daughters of Shaan Shahid:
Actor Shaan Shahid has 3 twin daughters. Their names are “Rania, Nooria and Shah Bano”.Meaning of Rania:
She is a girl who looks, looks, looks and understands things quickly.Meaning of Nooria:
Nooria is an Arabic name which means light-spreading, beauty’s nest.Meaning of Shah Bano:
Shah Bano is a Persian name which means rich, big, wealthy, steadfast, strong girl who openly faces situations.

4 ٭ Daughters of actor Khayyam Sarhadi:
Actor Khayyam Sarhadi has 2 twin daughters who are also famous and beautiful actresses whose names are “Saturn and Zeila”.Meaning of Zehly:Zehly  a Persian name which means enchanting like dew. The heart will be stunned to see it.Meaning of Zaila:It is a Persian name that is popular in Iran and Syria. It means beautiful flowers, brave, no one is afraid, they are interested in doing their own thing.

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