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مایاعلی کی طبیعت شدید ناساز ہسپتال پہنچ گئیں

Famous actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Maya Ali’s health has deteriorated once again, she has appealed to one of her fans for special prayers.A user on the actress’ Instagram post asked her if she found out that you are unwell, how are you now?In response, Maya Ali said, “I need your prayers.”It is worth mentioning here that the account to which Maya Ali replied is a fan page of hers.Maya Ali is in critical condition and has been admitted to hospital.It should be noted that in May this year, a post was published regarding Maya Ali’s ill health in which she was seen sitting in the hospital.

Earlier last year, Maya Ali also shared a photo of herself with a collar around her neck and a cup of tea in her hand, sharing her life experience as if she had beaten a major illness.Actress Maya Ali said that once life is found, it should be lived to the fullest.Maya Ali angry over Usman Khalid Butt’s marriageHe said that a lot of surprises in his life happened completely accidentally. He tried to solve many problems in his life during the last month. Taught something and was encouraged to face and accept many challenges.Maya Ali had said that I am grateful to all those who stood by me during this difficult time and who remembered me in their prayers.Life is found once, live it to the fullest: Maya Ali“I am especially grateful to my family and fans for bringing a smile back to my face,” she said.

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