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عائشہ خان کے خوبصورت کلکس اپنے شوہر میجر عقبہ کے ساتھ

Ever since the time Ayesha Khan got married, she completely got disappeared not just from the TV screen but even from the social media platform too! If you are waiting as well then your hours of wait have all ended up because finally Ayesha Khan has arrived with the latest pictures with her husband. All the fans of Ayesha Khan are getting crazy over the internet for catching her latest pictures. And trust me, she looks so beautiful after marriage! Check out her this picture:

Ayesha Khan wedding was the main talk of the town as she decided to get married and even surprised the fans to quit the television industry as well. Her wedding pictures created a big buzz on the social media platforms. It seems like she has made herself to be a complete wife for her future relation. Ayesha Khan is the top leading actress of the Pakistan showbiz and has worked in so many serials with the best appreciation for her acting skills.

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