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وہ شوبز ستارے جو ائیرپورٹ پر پیسے لے جاتے ہوئے پکڑے گے

What time has come to look at the shortcut to make money in every legitimate and illegitimate way day and night is going crazy in the same cycle that even if someone dies but wealth came in my pocket, the word humanity has disappeared, morality, love Feelings, courtesy, trust, confidence and sincerity are being tarnished

Ayesha Sana

Apart from working in several dramas, Ayesha Sana has also hosted various programs. And more than that, she has gained fame with her angry viral videos. Recently, Ayesha Sana is facing a case of defamation of Yousuf Mirza and her family by the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crimes, on which a Lahore court had ordered Ayesha Sana to appear in court. But Ayesha did not appear, after which the court issued her non-bailable arrest warrant.

Ayan Ali

Ayan Ali was also a famous Pakistani model who also sang and modeled outside Pakistan. Ian Ali was caught and prosecuted on March 14, 2015 for illegally taking money out of the country. However, on July 16, 2015, Ian Ali was released on bail.

Atiq Odho

Apart from being a well-known Pakistani actress, Atiqa Odho has also been participating in politics. A few years ago, two bottles of Sharan were found in Atiqa’s luggage at Benazir International Airport, after which the Supreme Court of Pakistan took suo motu notice against Atiqa. He had issued arrest warrants but the court acquitted Atiqa nine years after the case was heard.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is one of the best singer in South Asia. He is known for brilliant singung and he was was caught in February 2011 in Delhi (India) for carrying large sums of money. Under Indian law, passengers are allowed to travel with 5,000 dollars, while Rahat had much more. However, after some questioning, Rahat was released.

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