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اقرا عزیز کے شوہر اپنے بیٹے کی خدمت کربے میں مصروف

Iqra Aziz, who recently became the mother of little Kabir Hussain, started feeling proud of her husband Yasir Hussain and expressed her feelings on social media. Iqra Aziz shared a photo of Yasir Hussain on her verified Instagram account. In which he is changing his son’s clothes and fulfilling the duty of being a father.Sharing the photo on Instagram, Iqra Aziz wrote in the caption of her post, “Pamper and changing clothes session before going to work.” The actress wrote, “This is the first time Yasir has changed Kabir’s clothes and let me see this. I feel proud of them.

On social media site Instagram, Yasir Hussain has shared a beautiful photo in which he is holding the tiny hand of his son Kabir Hussain.

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