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میرا کو عمران ہاشمی کی شادی کی پیشکش

ISLAMABAD: Scandal queen actress Meera has claimed that famous Bollywood actor Imran Hashmi had offered her marriage.Speaking on a private TV morning show, he revealed that Imran Hashmi had offered him marriage in the past.

Talking about her likes and dislikes, actress Meera said that she likes brave people but in Lollywood she has both friends and enemies.“Those who don’t have talent have fear, I’m scared because I don’t lack talent and I can make money for myself because of that,” he added.

Regarding my ideal personality, I said that a person who does not use cigarettes and alcohol in front of me and takes care of me is my ideal, he also said that I like children very much.Regarding decision-making, he said that I do not make decisions by thinking, I do what comes to my mind and that is why I often get into trouble.I said that my heart breaks every day, he revealed that Mahesh Bhatt had offered to marry Ashmit Patel but he is a Hindu so I refused.

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