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شوبز انڈسٹری کے مشہور کزن

The Pakistani showbiz industry is full of talented people, every actor, singer and artist has his own example. Fans are also very interested to know about the personal life of their favorite artist. However, there are some artists who are part of the showbiz industry but the two have a very close relationship. Today we will tell you about these famous artists. I will tell you who are cousins ​​of each other but fans do not know this.

Ali Abbas and Rimsha Khan

Famous Pakistani actor Ali Abbas, who has shown the essence of acting in several dramas, recently gave an interview in which it was revealed that actress Rimsha Khan is his first cousin. Ali Abbas said that she is the daughter of his real aunt. Both the actors are showing the essence of their acting in the drama serial “Ghasi Patti Mohabbat”. In the drama, both are married. However, in this regard, Ali Abbas says that “Rimsha is my aunt’s daughter.

We have had the same relationship since childhood. It’s like cousins. Rimsha used to call me Ali Bhai from the beginning and now we have to hold each other’s hands, look at each other and have dialogues. ”

Saima Qureshi and Faisal Qureshi

Who doesn’t know Pakistan’s famous actor Faisal Qureshi, the uncrowned king of drama industry and actress Saima Qureshi are also cousins. Little did anyone know before that the two were cousins.

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Junaid Khan

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Junaid Khan, two well-known actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry, are also cousins. His fans did not know this. Both have excellent actors.

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