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وہ شوبز ادکارائیں جنھوں نے انڈسٹری میں آنے کے بعد نام تبدیل کرلیا

There was a tendency in Bollywood to have fake names instead of real names and we know many actors and actresses by their pseudonyms. Similarly, there are many actors in Pakistan’s film industry and drama industry who are famous for their fake names. Found and today we know them by their pseudonyms.


According to News, the first name in the list of these actors is superstar Shaan, and the children of the country know him by the name of Shaan, but you will be surprised that Shaan Shahid’s real name is Armaghan Shahid.

Aiza Khan

Pakistani dramas are second to none and those who are fond of watching dramas will be familiar with the beautiful actress Aiza Khan. Her drama ‘Pyare Afzal’ has taken her to new heights of fame. In fact, Aiza Khan’s The correct name is Kinza Khan.

Veena Malik

Actress Veena Malik is a very famous actress and she was taken to new heights of fame by the Indian TV program Bigg Boss. These days they are living in the United States after marriage. You may be surprised to read that Veena Malik’s real name was Zahida Malik but she had to change her name after entering the showbiz industry.


Meera not only showed the essence of her acting in many films of Pakistan film industry but also acted in Indian films. When actress Meera was born, her parents named her Artza Rabab, but after appearing in films, she had to change her name and became known as Meera.

Reema Khan

Reema Khan, the beautiful face of Pakistani film industry and glamorous actress, is happily living her married life by marrying an American doctor these days. Actress Emma Khan’s real name is Samina Khan.

Noor Bukhari

Actress Noor’s name is very similar to his personality. Pakistani actress is not only a very good actor but also a very good dancer. Actress Noor’s real name is Sonia Mughal.

Saba Qamar

She is one of the most criticised actress in showbiz industry but she made a good name by providing wonderful drama movies and modeling shows. Saba Qamar’s real name was Sabahat Qamar. She changed her name from Sabahat to Saba.

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