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وہ شوبز ستارے جو اپنی اولاد کا غم سہہ چکے ہیں

Children are one of the great blessings of God and once one is deprived of this blessing, he will never forget it.There are many celebrities associated with the showbiz industry who lost their children at an early age and today Are also going through this painful moment. Let’s take a look at them.

Atif Aslam

Atif’s son that he lost right before his performance in Turkey. Let’s find out the what happened with him below!Celebrities are always there to entertain and bring a smile on their fans’ faces. No matter how tough is the situation or how much hard life they are having, they make happy their fans every time.He said” “I lost my kid and I remember… Sarah was four to five months pregnant and I had to leave for a show. It was a show in Turkey and right before my performance, she called me and said the baby doesn’t have a heartbeat anymore.”Furter said ” So I was like go to the doctor, ask him what’s happening and how to go about it. She said we went to the doctor and he said we have to go for something else.”

1- Govinda,

Govinda the famous actor of Indian film industry and the uncrowned king of comedy, lost his first daughter when he was only four.

It was a month. According to reports, his four-month-old daughter was a newcomer, and actor Govinda, who made everyone laugh at his daughter’s death, was devastated.

2- Kajol Devgan

Actress Kajol, who is very famous, had an abortion early in her marriage. She was pregnant in 2001 but unfortunately due to some complications she suffered a great deal for which she underwent an operation. But a year later they had a daughter named Naisa and later a son named Yag.

3- Prakash Raj

The best actor who played the role of a villain in Bollywood films, Prakash Raj, lost his 5-year-old son Sadhu. While flying a kite on a table, his son fell down, seriously injuring him, and after a few months of treatment, he lost his life.

4. Asha Bhosle

Varsha Bhosle, daughter of legendary Indian singer Asha Bhosle, committed suicide by shooting herself with a licensed weapon in 2012, after which she lost her children forever.

5. Sunbal Shahid

Leading actress Sunbal Shahid from Pakistan Showbiz could not forget the grief of her son’s death. His son’s name was Shiraz Nasir who was the son of Major (retd) Shahid Nasir. Shiraz Nasir, son of Lahore-based actress Sanbal Shahid, was a paraglider. Khwaja Shiraz Nasir fell from the mountains during Monday’s gliding in the northern areas, causing a severe spinal cord injury, and later died before reaching the hospital.

6- Jameel Fakhri

Jameel Fakhri, who reached the heights of fame with the TV drama serial “Andhira Ajala”, was the lifeblood of every film, stage and TV audience. Then one day in the United States, the news of the death of his young son came as a resurrection for the artist Jamil Fakhri, after which he was very broken inside. The report on the death of his son Ali Ayaz Fakhri clearly stated that he had been kil led.

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