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شہود علوی بیٹیوں کی دلکش تصاویر

Shahood Alvi is an executive actor who is liked by everyone. He has two cute and wonderful daughters one of whom was also seen performing in drama serial Anaa. His daughters’ names are Areeba Shahood and Areeja Shahood. Areeba Shahood’s acting in Anaa was loved by fans. Here are some alluring pictures of Shahood Alvi’s daughters.

Senior actor Shoud Alvi has said that he has never been a part of a non-standard project. He also prefers quality in drama serials made under the banner of his production house. In an interview, Shoud Alvi said that the identity of an artist is his work and if it is not standard then there is no justification to be associated with this field. He said that all the roles he has played have been done as per the demand of Sen and he was also liked.

Even today, my three horror serials are on air from different TV channels. He said that it is fortunate that all the projects under the banner of my production house have been successful and the spirit of working harder and more diligently has been created.

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