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سارہ خان اپنے پیارے شوہر فلک کے ساتھ نئی اور دلکش کلکس

Sarah Khan is viewed as one of the most generously compensated entertainers. Also, her new dramatization sequential Raqs-e-bismil with Imran Ashraf on Murmur television is getting famous among individuals. Her more youthful sister Noor Khan is likewise an arising entertainer in the show industry.

Today, on Sarah Khan’s shooting set, her better half Falak Shabir abruptly showed up to give just a red rose. Individuals standing close by were astonished to see this scene. Since we ourselves ask, may Allah keep each couple cheerful like this?

There is astounding information for the admirers of Sarah, another amazing magnificence and qualified cutie of Pakistan have been grabbed up. Sarah Khan and Agha Ali are locked in and they are authoritatively a couple now.

They got occupied with 2017 and they reported their commitment unexpectedly on Instagram. Later they showed up in numerous morning shows of various channels and affirmed this news.

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