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چہرے سے لگتی ہیں مغرور، لیکن زندگی سے بھر پور۔ 5شوبز کی وہ اداکارائیں جن کی شخصیت میں ہی غرور ہے

There are many names in the showbiz industry who are skyrocketing in fame but there is not even a hint of pride in them. Seeing them, it seems that they will not talk to anyone but the truth is

1 Saba Qamar
she is very pure-hearted and is about to meet Saba Qamar. Most people consider Saba Qamar, who touched the sky of fame, to be very proud. And that’s the industry

She is one of the most successful actresses. But those who know Saba Qamar very well are well aware that once she meets Saba, Saba never forgets her and always calls her by name.

Saba is one of those people who She tries to remember even her fans by form and names. She always keeps her past attached to her and wants to keep herself on the ground.

2 Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat has a very pure heart. She never likes to hurt anyone and there is no arrogance in them. Mahesh Hayat never annoys her fans and tries to meet them if they can be found. Do it and give them time. Ignoring them is not in their power.

3 Sajjal Ali

Sajjal Ali Sajjal Ali is a very simple girl and despite making such a name in the industry, she listens to everyone and tries to follow them. She never said that I am a star but she always She treats herself like a student.
The actors with Sajjal are witnesses to the fact that she is a very lively and cheerful girl who does not have a proud name.

4 Maya Ali

Maya Ali Maya Ali is one of those people who has no makeup. So looking at her, no one can say that she has tasted fame. She is a very good person and has a very gentle temperament. If Maya Ali’s fans come to visit her, she will be very happy.

5 Syra yousaf

Meet with Sayra Yusuf People think that Saira Yusuf will be very proud but not at all. Saira immediately becomes friends and cares about the happiness of others. Her smile never diminishes no matter how upset she is. Why not

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