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منیبہ مزاری پھر سے دلہن بن گئیں

Pictures of Muniba Mazari’s beautiful bridal photo shoot, a wheelchair-bound motivational speaker, artist, speaker and social activist, are going viral on social media, which is being well-received by consumers.Rebel TV: Pakistani brand Lajonti has launched a campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day called Sancha, starring Pakistani social activist Muneeb Mazari.

The main purpose of this campaign revolves around the individual status of each person, how we do not need to change ourselves to fit into the mold made by society.

In the bridal photo shoot, Muneeb Mazari can be seen in a beautiful red heavy wedding dress and at the same time she is wearing traditional jewelery and henna on her hands.Muneeb Mazari also shared the video of the photo shoot on her Instagram.Pakistani social activist Muneeb Mazari is being lauded by social media users and has been hailed by many as the queen.

It should be noted that every artist Maula Muneeb Mazari is the first woman in Pakistan to be appointed by the United Nations as her Goodwill Ambassador, while Muneeb is also a motivational speaker, artist, speaker and social activist. Muneeb is just 21 years old Were confined to chairs.

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