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منیب بٹ اور ایمن خان خاندان کے ساتھ دوسرے علاقوں میں چھٹیوں سے لطف اندوز ہو رہے ہیں۔

Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan are the perfect Couple having the big Age Difference. Muneeb Butt currently working on Different Projects in Drama Industry and Aiman Khan take a long Leave for working in Drama after marriage may be Muneeb Butt said to Aiman She is not working more in Showbiz Industry.

Amal Muneeb is the Cute Daughter of Muneeb and Aiman and She is the viral Kid on Social Media having huge Followership. Muneeb Butt is Almost complete 36 years of his age in 2021 and Aiman Khan is still 24 years old almost 12 years difference they both have in ages let’s check some new Vacation pictures of Aiman Khana and Muneeb Butt with their daughter Amal Muneeb.

Muneeb Butt showed up on The Mazedaar Show with Aadi and Faizan where he opened up on how online media, he said that everybody has social and he/she goes ahead and remark on individuals.

Muneeb Butt began his showbiz cart as a model in 2015, and work for the different well known brand of Pakistan for quite a while during the early occasions of his profession. In any case, he filled a flexible job in the show business of Pakistan to advance in the hard of Pakistani individuals.

Muneeb Butt has become a well known big screen entertainer as well. He made his acting presentation in Lollywood in 2015 with the lighthearted comedy film ‘Halla Gulla’. After the accomplishment of his first film he showed up in a significant job in his subsequent Pakistani film ‘Ishq 2020’.

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