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برتھ ڈے پارٹی فیملی پکچرز میں جنت مرزا اور علیشبہ بہن سحر بات پکی۔

Jannat Mirza the well Known reputed Personality of the Paksitani TikTok world She will become a Film star soon currently Jannat Mirza working in a Movie and also completing her Fashion Designing Degree. Her Sister Alishba Anjum is also a senior TikTok Star who has a Best which She got married soon.

Jannat Mirza Share Moments in which her Sister Sehar Engaged with her lifeline on the Day of her Birthday They also celebrate the Bat Pakki Happiness. Jannat Mirza also engaged with umer Butt and they both also got married soon let’s look at some Family pictures of Jannat Mirza and her Sister Sehar with Fiance.

As of late, the two delightful sisters commended the occasion of their adored sister Sehar’s Baat Pakki and Birthday. The young ladies were looking cheerful on the exceptional event, they were discovered presenting before camera with their loved ones. Alishba presented with her companions as well. Sehar posted a couple of pictures with life partner. Jannat Mirza was additionally seen in lovely green dress.

Alishba Anjum is viewed as perhaps the best host, entertainers, models, and TikToker in Pakistan. She has won the hearts of individuals in view of her magnificence and thick eyes. What’s more, there is no question that nature has blessed this young lady with massive magnificence.

She is the more youthful sister of another well known Tiktoker Alishba Anjum. Both sister’s face takes after the most that are the reason the vast majority use to say that they are twin sisters. However, they are not on the grounds that she is the most youthful of three sisters.

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