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یمنہ زیدی معصوم ملکہ اپنی 32 ویں سالگرہ تنہا چھوٹے کیک کے ساتھ منا رہی ہیں۔

Yumna Zaidi is The big Name in the acting field of the Pakistan Showbiz Industry who working in many energetic scripted Dramas. Yumna just turns in 32 but still live alone and is Happy She belongs to Punjabi Family and is also a well-rducated actress and Little Bit Model.

Yumna performs her Acting skills Dil E Umeed and Pyar k sadqy with Different Character and got the positive response Mostly She plays the innocent role in Dramas but She may work in Future for negative role lets check some adorable pictures of Yumna Zaidi Birthday celebrating with Small cake.

Yumna Zaidi has shared photographs of her excellent dresses with fans while observing Eid for three days in the US. On the principal day of Eid, she decided to wear a green gown style dress, while on the subsequent day, she showed up in a blue dress.

Yumna Zaidi raised in Lahore, abides in Texas and works in Karachi-Lahore. Her Dad Zameendar Zaidi was a financial specialist who kicked the bucket in June 2019, and mother Shabana Naheed Zaidi is a housewife. She is from a town Arif Wala in Pakpattan, Punjab.

Yumna Zaidi has worked in many shows and has become a commonly recognized name now. One of Yumna Zaidi’s most well known tasks was Pyar Kay Sadqay and her incredible exhibition in that dramatization put everybody in wonderment. Yumnas’ renowned dramatization sequential Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahin has recently finished.

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