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اقرا عزیز اور عاصم اظہر اپنے شوٹ فار سونگ میں جوڑے کی شکل میں نظر آرہے ہیں

Asim Azhar is an awesome augmentation of Pakistan’s famous music industry. He is known as Pakistan’s Justin Bieber. Asim has a Fantasy about singing In Bollywood for as a matter of fact Lord Shahrukh khan. Asim Azhar is notable through online systems administration media.

Iqra Aziz is the best actress in Pakistan Showbiz Now she is working on the biggest and most view project Drama serial Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 which was officially on air on Geo Tv Tomorrow Friday. Asim Azhar collaborate with Iqra Aziz in their song Jo Tu Na Mila this is the most viral song of Asim Azhar and during the shoot of the song Iqra Aziz and Asim Azhar shoot some rare pictures together.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have become the best couple subsequent to getting hitched. What’s more, the couple has a great many devotees on Instagram. What’re more, individuals watch their shows on television with extraordinary interest. What’s more, a year has passed since both of them got hitched.

Iqra Aziz has worked in numerous effective and renowned television serials of various stations including ‘Suno Chanda season 1 and season 2’, ‘Deewana’, ‘Laaj’, ‘Choti Si Zindagi’ and ‘Naatak’ of Murmur television, ‘Socha Na Tha’ of ARY Zindagi and some more.

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